Three Outstanding Benefits of Having a HVAC Precision Tune-Up Performed

There are several things that every homeowner can do to improve the functioning of their home heating and cooling equipment. Maintaining plenty of clearance around the outdoor A/C condenser and performing regular air filter changes are basic maintenance tasks that just about anyone can handle on their own. However, when you want your HVAC equipment to perform at optimum levels of efficiency, scheduling a precision tune-up is always the best choice. These services take an all-inclusive approach to heating and cooling equipment care so that all components are primed to provide consistently superior performance. The following are three outstanding benefits that you can enjoy with an HVAC precision tune-up.

Three Outstanding Benefits of Having a HVAC Precision Tune-Up Performed

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality and Humidity Regulation

Home heating and cooling equipment doesn’t just regulate indoor temperatures. Modern HVAC systems also purify the indoor air by extracting airborne particulates and contaminants. They additionally regulate humidity so that problems with condensation on windows or pervasive mold and mildew growth never occur. An HVAC precision tune-up is the perfect service for any household with residents who suffer from asthma, allergies, COPD, or other respiratory conditions. Your home will feel better, the air will smell fresher, and existing, chronic health issues won’t be exacerbated by HVAC use.

2. Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC Equipment

Precision tune-ups address every aspect of your air conditioner, heater, and ductwork. Depending upon your needs and the way in which your HVAC system is set-up, you can have your air conditioner precision tuned, your heater, or both at once. During these services, all internal and external components are cleaned, inspected, and calibrated or replaced as needed. HVAC technicians:

Monitor cooling and heating cycles
Measure airflow
Inspect and tighten electrical connections
Adjust and clean blower components
Check combustion air
Measure volts and amps
Monitor refrigerant pressure
Empty and unclog condensate drains
Lubricate all moving parts
Perform thorough evaporator and condenser coil cleanings
and more. Nothing is overlooked, and everything is assured of working seamlessly together. These treatments limit both stress and ongoing wear so that air conditioners and heaters last longer. These visits also give our HVAC technicians the opportunity to identify and resolve minor problems before they’ve spiraled out of control.

3. Limit Your Carbon Footprint and Reduce Your Home Energy Costs

Increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner and heater through precision tune-ups has twofold benefits. To start, you can warm and heat your home to your preferred temperature all of the time, and without feeling guilty about continuous HVAC use. Efficient equipment uses far less energy than does HVAC equipment that’s poorly or only partially maintained. Your carbon footprint will go down, and your home energy bills will dramatically decrease.

With a precision tune-up, your system won’t struggle to force hot or cooled air through dirty ductwork or clogged air vents. It won’t freeze up or overheat, and it will be infinitely more effective at regulating humidity, cleaning the indoor air, and keeping residents both comfortable and safe. If you’re ready to experience the impressive benefits of having a precision tune-up performed, get in touch with us today.