4 Advantages of an HVAC Precision Tune-up

Regular check-ups of your HVAC system are not only crucial for optimal performance but are also essential for healthy indoor air. According to the EPA, the average American is indoors around 90% of the time, and indoor pollutants register up to five times the concentration of outdoor levels. A precision tune-up for your HVAC system goes above and beyond filter replacement. Here are four advantages of an HVAC precision tune-up for you to consider.

4 Advantages of an HVAC Precision Tune-up

Greater Efficiency

As your HVAC system works to capture unhealthy airborne particles, it needs cleaning regularly. Once a build-up of dust and other debris appears inside the unit, it must work harder than usual to provide the same level of performance. Routine cleaning of your HVAC system will lower energy costs and save you money.

Better Air Quality

There are airborne particles that create anything from itchy eyes and congestion to more severe health problems. Dust, pollen, and other breathing hazards can continue to be present in the environment without periodic cleaning. By electing to have your system cleaned by professionals, you’ll notice a significant improvement in air quality and comfort.

Preventative Care

While the design of HVAC units allows them to operate under challenging conditions, some components begin to show wear over time. Unfortunately, the failure of a part within the HVAC system may go unnoticed by anyone but a trained technician. If the system continues to operate following a part failure, more damage could occur. A precision tune-up prevents minor wear-and-tear from becoming major costly issues.

System Longevity

One of the most significant benefits of a precision tune-up involves increasing the life of your HVAC system. Detecting problems early and routine cleaning allow your system to perform at its best for longer. A high-quality HVAC system is an investment and one you’ll want to protect. With an extended lifespan, your HVAC unit can continue to provide years of exceptional service.

Protect Your HVAC System

Reduced energy costs, healthier air, preventative action, and an increased lifespan are all great reasons to consider a precision tune-up for your HVAC system. At Express Service Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a comprehensive precision tune-up that’ll help ensure your HVAC unit keeps performing flawlessly. ¬†For more information, contact us about our beneficial services and learn how we can help you.